PCR Testing for Travel

Many travelers are now required to take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test, commonly known as the PCR Test for Travel. This is to show they are not carrying the virus and are Fit-to-Fly/Travel. It is also essential that the test is processed by a UKAS registered laboratory.

We also provide the Day 5 Test to Release (TTR) PCR testing. More information on this test can be found here: Test to Release

Some countries and airlines are constantly changing their rules on testing, and tests should be performed within a specific time frame before departure or landing. This varies from 48 hours to 96 hours, and in some cases 120 hours. Please ensure you are fully aware of the required time frame before you book your appointment.

Kindly note, we will not be able to assist with finding information on your specific travel restrictions, please speak to your booking agents or the airlines for this information. 

We also provide Antibody IgG and IgM blood tests. Some countries have instructed travelers to take this additional test which we also offer at our clinic.

RT-PCR Swab test

This test is done by nasal/throat swabs. The results will show as either “Negative” / “Not detected” or “Positive” / “Detected”. For additional verification, the results will also include your passport number. We recommend you bring a copy/photo of your passport to your appointment. Results will be available via email. We provide the following turn around times for the PCR test results. Although results may arrive sooner, below are the labs turnaround times with prices. You will receive results directly by the lab according to your chosen turn-around time above. You may produce an equivocal result. If an early on-set of infection is suspected, a repeat in 24-48 hours is strongly advised. On a rare occasion you may have an inconclusive result but the sample is normally re-run at no extra cost. This adds an approx. 3-6 hour delay in reporting but a conclusive result cannot be guaranteed. Please allow sufficient time for your results should there be a delay in reporting. St Mary’s Medical & Travel Clinic cannot take responsibility for delayed reports as we are a sample taking clinic only. This test is also available for Test to Release scheme.


  • Results in 72 hours - Guaranteed


  • Results in 48 hours - Guaranteed


  • Results in 24 hours - Guaranteed
  • (appointment cut-off time is 3:30 pm)


  • Results at 3am - Approximate
  • (appointment cut-off time is 2:00 pm)

Antibody testing (IgM/IgG)

The COVID-19 IgM/IgG Antibody test is performed by blood sample collection to check whether you have developed antibodies post infection. Antibodies can be detected 14 days or more following exposure or onset of symptoms.

If requesting for travel, results for your antibody blood test are available within your chosen turnaround time of you RT-PCR test. Result will be reported as either “Negative” / “Not detected” or “Positive” / “Detected”.

Results for antibody with levels are available no sooner than 48 hours. This is more suitable for testing post-vaccination or infection.

Fit for Travel / Fit to Fly Certificate

The pathology report you will receive from the laboratory holds sufficient information for your travel requirements, however some countries may require an additional fit to fly letter / fit to fly certificate. This will include your details with sample date/time, reporting date/time, the method of test, your result, fit to fly remark and our clinics details with clinicians signature. This fit for travel / fit to fly certificate bears an additional charge of £25. If you have a fit to fly form or fit to travel certificate that your travel destination requires completing with your COVID-19 test results, this can also be signed-off for the additional charge of £25. Please email us a copy of this form prior to your appointment for our review.

Booking Appointments

To book an appointment, please call our dedicated Covid line on 079 5862 2282 or email us on

PCR Test by Postal Service

Although we are able to post you a self-sample collection kit, if you are requesting it for travel purposes, you must ensure that this is acceptable by your airline/country of travel as we are not in a position to advise according to the rules and regulations of your destination. To request a postal kit, please call on 079 5862 2282 or email us on We would also recommend that you hand-deliver or courier your sample back to the clinic to avoid any issues due to postal delays, especially if you require a rapid turnaround time.

Coronavirus guidance and updates

Guidance is changing frequently. Please follow the up to date NHS guidance here or to check your symptoms and for advice visit 111 online here.