Welcome to St. Mary’s Medical Centre in London – Private medical clinic Stratford

At St. Mary’s Medical Centre in London we always aim to not only treat your health issues and concerns, but also make you leave our clinic with a smile of a sincere service enjoyment. Our medical clinic in Stratford was founded in 2012 and specialises in a variety of medical treatments including: pediatricians, pain treatment, urology, dermatology, gynaecology, general surgery, physiotherapy and many others.

We are glad you decided to become our customer for resolving your health concerns. We’ll do our best to deliver the best possible healthcare and customer service to you! In our staff you will find professional paediatritians, gynaecologists, general GPs and many other highly-skilled specialists with professional experience.

Our main long-term goal is always achieving complex results for your health. But in the process, we also keep the focus on giving you the best customer service. We are always making our office as safe place as possible!

Our private health clinic possesses the most recent technology and medical devices to offer you health and medical services of the best quality and under supervision of top experts in their field. Numerous patients, including children, teenagers, adolescents and elderly people from Stratford, London, North London, and other locations in UK visit our clinic every day.

Medical Centre was founded in 2012, as a private medical practice.
We offer multitude of primary health care solution to our patients.